Are you an expert? Is your case in need of an expert?

The Expert Process

Nurses and other healthcare professionals are recruited and register with NurseExpert, Inc. at no cost.

Attorneys in need of experts contact NurseExpert, Inc.

A referral fee is paid by the law firm and a similarly situated “match” is made. 

The expert is referred to the attorney.

Expert Questionnaire

Are you looking for a new challenge in your career that utilizes your years of experience as a nurse, but doesn’t require you to go back to school?

Do your nursing peers look to you for clinical guidance?

Do you enjoy educating others on clinical topics?

Are you energized by speaking in front of crowds such as would be in a courtroom?

Can you read through medical records and other testimony and arrive at conclusions about the nursing care and treatment provided?

Can you stand up when your opinions are challenged?

Do you have a professional appearance?

Are you actively practicing as a nurse?

Are you in good standing with the Board of Nursing?

Would you like to register as an expert?