Discovery Assistance

Whether evaluating an expert disclosure, reviewing policies and procedures, writing interrogatories, or performing medical literature research we have the expertise to assist you.  With training as both a nurse and a paralegal, Laura bridges the gap between law and medicine fulfilling the nurse paralegal role.

Deposition Preparation & Summary

After many years working with nurses facing deposition, many for the first time, Laura brings her unique expertise to speak "nurse to nurse", calming fears and educating witnesses on the process that is deposition.

With extraordinary insight into the process of deposition, Laura wades through pages and pages of testimony, bringing to light and to your attention the most significant details in an easy to read document

Expert Witness Location

As a former litigation manager Laura knows the value of a great expert.   With a blend of skill and a little luck, Laura is able to identify and locate SOLID, CREDIBLE medical EXPERTS including nurse’s physician’s, nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers.


With over 15 years experience wading through pages and pages of medical records as a quality manager, risk manager and litigation claims manager, Laura has the ability to translate volumes of medical records into a language meaningful to the attorney.

Whether a minute by minute chronology of events or an overall summary of the significant issues in a case, we have the experience to investigate the missing pieces, translate the jargon and disseminate it back to you in a simple easy to read report.

Case Analysis

Laura provides a succinct Case Analysis with easy to understand meaningful terms telling the story of your case. Many  attorneys who rely on their paralegals for chronologies request a Case Analysis in order to have a clinical perspective of the case before meeting with your expert.